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Q25. Which command is used to make a shell variable known to subsequently executed programs? 

A. export 

B. announce 

C. env 

D. transfer 

E. mv 


Q26. Which of the following commands redirects the output of cmd to the file foo.txt, in which an existing file is overwritten? 

A. cmd || foo.txt 

B. cmd | foo.txt 

C. cmd && foo.txt 

D. cmd >> foo.txt 

E. cmd > foo.txt 


Q27. Where can a boot loader be installed? 

A. The boot ROM 

B. The MBR on a hard drive 

C. The /boot partition 

D. The boot RAM 


Q28. Which criteria are useful when deciding which operating system to use? (Select THREE answers) 

A. License costs. 

B. Ideological preferences of the system administrator. 

C. Linux can do everything, there is no need for further evaluation. 

D. Availability of mandatory applications and tools. 

E. Skills of the administrators and staff. 

Answer: A, D, E 

Q29. Which of the following programs is used to search for files in a file system? 

A. locate 

B. showfiles 

C. flocate 

D. search 

E. findfiles 


Q30. What are the three sets of permissions for a file? 

A. user, group, others 

B. administrator, group, others 

C. user, standard user, others 

D. administrator, standard user, others 


Q31. Which of the following commands will set the variable text to olaf is home? (Choose two) 

A. text=olaf\\ is\\ home 

B. text=$olaf is home 

C. $text='olaf is home' 

D. text=='olaf is home' 

E. text="olaf is home" 

Answer: A, E 

Q32. What command line will create the user falco with home directory assigned to the group users as primary group? 

A. useradd -g users falco 

B. useradd -f users falco 

C. useradd -m -g users falco 

D. add user falco@users 

E. add -user falco -group users