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Q17. Which of the following commands can be used to extract content from a tar file? 

A. tar -xvf 

B. tar -vf 

C. tar -e 

D. tar -c 

E. tar –v 


Q18. Which statements are true about virtualization? (Choose two) 

A. Virtualization is not supported by Linux because of its permissions and multi-user requirements. 

B. Virtualization lets you run several operating systems on the same hardware in parallel. 

C. Virtualization is a proprietary technology that has additional licence costs even for Linux. 

D. Virtualization is a pure desktop technology that should not be used on servers. 

E. Virtualization allows separation of services, tasks and users in distinct virtual machines. 

Answer: B, E 

Q19. Which of the following programs is not a graphical web browser? 

A. Konqueror 

B. Firefox 

C. Links D. Opera 

E. Chrome 


Q20. Which of the following possibilities is only available when using open source software? 

A. Download of all its existing versions. 

B. Free use. 

C. Access to its detailed help manual. 

D. Access to its source code. 


Q21. Which of the following commands will output a list of all of the file names, under your home directory and all subdirectories, which have file names ending with .pdf? 

A. search .pdf 

B. ls -name -R '*.pdf' 

C. find /home/*.pdf 

D. find ~ -name '*.pdf' 


Q22. Which of the following is a valid option for a typical command to get its built-in usage information? 

A. -? B. -H C. help 

D. --manual 

E. –help 


Q23. Which of the following is a Linux based operating system for use on mobile devices? 

A. iOS 

B. CentOS 

C. Android 

D. Debian 


Q24. Which of the following commands will create an archive file, named backup.tar, containing all the files from the directory /home? 

A. tar /home backup.tar 

B. tar -cf /home backup.tar 

C. tar -xf /home backup.tar 

D. tar -xf backup.tar /home 

E. tar -cf backup.tar /home