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2016 Dec 101 rapidshare

Q101. Which of the following statements are incorrect regarding protection of web services?(Choose 2) 

A. The BIG-IP ASM System checks to ensure web services use cookies. 

B. The BIG-IP ASM System parses XML requests and XML responses. 

C. The BIG-IP ASM System checks to ensure XML documents are well formed. 

D. The BIG-IP ASM System uses attack signatures to enforce negative security logic. 

E. The BIG-IP ASM System checks for XML syntax, schema validation, and WSDLvalidation. 

Answer: A,B 

Q102. Which three statements describe a characteristic of profiles? (Choose three.) 

A. Default profiles cannot be created or deleted. 

B. Custom profiles are always based on a parent profile. 

C. A profile can be a child of one profile and a parent of another. 

D. All changes to parent profiles are propagated to their child profiles. 

E. While most virtual servers have at least one profile associated with them, it is not required. 

Answer: A,B,C 

Q103. Specifying three methods allows the GTM System to rotate between the three methods sothat no one method is used too often. 

A. The IP address of the server must be added to the wideip.conf file. 

B. The IP address of the server must be added to the syslog-ng.conf file. 

C. The IP address of the server and valid userid/password combination must be added to thehosts.allow file. 

D. The IP address of the server and valid userid/password combination must be added to the syslog-ng.conf file. 


Q104. The SNMP monitor can collect data based on which three metrics? (Choose three.) 

A. packet rate 

B. memory utilization 

C. content verification 

D. current connections 

E. hops along the network path 

Answer: A,B,D 

Q105. An HTTP class is available .. 

A. on any BIG-IP LTM system 

B. only when ASM is licensed. 

C. only when ASM or WA are licensed. 

D. only when a specific license key is required. 


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Q106. Which statement is true concerning iRule events? 

A. All iRule events relate to HTTP processes. 

B. All client traffic has data that could be used to trigger iRule events. 

C. All iRule events are appropriate at any point in the client-server communication. 

D. If an iRule references an event that doesn't occur during the client's communication, the client's connectionwill be terminated prematurely. 


Q107. When is a Virtual Server hosted by an LTM System defined with two IP addresses? 

A. Two addresses are used to define the Virtual Server when it is managed by redundantLTM Systems. 

B. Two addresses are used to define some Virtual Servers so that the GTM System canchoose the better address when resolving the name. 

C. Two addresses are used to define Virtual Servers when the LTM System hosting it isbehind a firewall that is translating the Virtual Server address. 

D. Two addresses are used to define a Virtual Server when the Wide-IP should resolve to adifferent address depending on which LTM System is active. 


Q108. A monitor has been defined using the HTTP monitor template. The send and receive stringswere customized, but all other settings were left at their defaults. Which resources can themonitor be assigned to? 

A. Only specific pool members. 

B. Most virtual severs. 

C. Most nodes. 

D. Most pools 


Q109. What are the best reasons for using the Deployment Wizard? (Choose 3) 

A. Flow-level parameters checking is required. 

B. The application encoding scheme needs to be determined by the BIG-IP ASM System. 

C. Sufficient time is available to allow completely automated policy building based onobserving live traffic. 

D. The application platform must be protected against known attacks for the specificoperating system, web server, and database. 

Answer: B,C,D 

Q110. Which three parameters could be used to determine whether a connection request will havethe source address translated as the request is processed? (Choose three.) 

A. The client’s router’s IP address. 

B. The client’s browser’s preferred language. 

C. The client’s IP netmask. 

D. The client’s TCP port. 

E. The client’s IP address. 

F. The client IP fragment offset. 

Answer: B,D,E