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Exam Code: 101 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: Application Delivery Fundamentals
Certification Provider: F5 Networks
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2016 Nov 101 exam question

Q31. When DNS_REV is used as the probe protocol by the GTM System, which information isexpected in the response from the probe? 

A. A reverse name lookup of the GTM System 

B. The list of root servers known by the local DNS 

C. The FQDN of the local DNS being probed for metric information 

D. The revision number of BIND running on the requesting DNS server 


Q32. Which two can be a part of a virtual server's definition? (Choose two.) 

A. rule(s) 

B. pool(s) 

C. monitor(s) 

D. node address(es) 

E. load-balancing method(s) 

Answer: A,B 

Q33. By default, how frequently are log files rotated? 

A. hourly 

B. daily 

C. weekly 

D. There is no default; the administrator sets the frequency. 


Q34. Which of the following does not pertain to protecting the Requested Resource (URI)element? 

A. File type validation 

B. URL name validation 

C. Domain cookie validation 

D. Attack signature validation 


Q35. When users are created, which three access levels can be granted through the GTMConfiguration Utility? (Choose three.) 

A. Root 

B. Guest 

C. Operator 

D. Administrator 

E. CLI + Web Read Only 

Answer: B,C,D 

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Q36. Which of the following violations cannot be learned by Traffic Learning? 

A. RFC violations 

B. File type length violations 

C. Attack signature violations 

D. Meta character violations on a specific parameter. 


Q37. A virtual server is listening at and has the following iRule associated with it: whenHTTP_REQUEST { if { [HTTP::header User-Agent] contains "MSIE" } { pool MSIE_pool } else { poolMozilla_pool } If a user connects to and their browser does not specify a User-Agent,which pool will receive the request? 

A. MSIE_pool 

B. Mozilla_pool 

C. None. The request will be dropped. 

D. Unknown. The pool cannot be determined from the information provided. 


Q38. What occurs when a load config command is issued? 

A. The running configuration is replaced by the any portion of the configuration files that are syntactically correct. 

B. The running configuration is loaded into files for storage 

C. The running configuration is compared to the configuration in files and, when changes arenoted, the version in the files is loaded over what is in money. 

D. The running configuration is replaced by the configuration in the files, but only if they aresyntactically correct. 


Q39. Which statement describes advanced shell access correctly? 

A. Users with advanced shell access can always change, add, or delete LTM objects in allpartition. Users with? Advanced shell access can always, change, add, or delete LTMobjects in all partitions. 

B. Users with advance shell access are limited to changing, adding, or deleting LTM object inany single partition. Users with? Advance shell accesses are limited to changing, adding,or deleting LTM object on any single partition. 

C. Users with advance shell access have the same right as those with msh access, but theright extend to all partition rather than to Users with advance shell access have the sameright as those with msh access, but right extend to all partition rather than to a singlepartition. 

D. All Users can be given advanced shell access. All users can be given advance shellaccess. 


Q40. Which dynamic load balancing mode affects load-balancing decisions based on pat metrics? 

A. Packet Rate. 

B. Completion Rate. 

C. Least Connections. 

D. Virtual Server Capacity.