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Q201. - (Topic 1) 

Anti-Spoofing is typically set up on which object type? 

A. Network 

B. Security Management object 

C. Host 

D. Security Gateway 


Q202. - (Topic 1) 

Which operating systems are supported by a Check Point Security Gateway on an open server? Select MOST complete list. 

A. Check Point GAiA and SecurePlatform, and Microsoft Windows 

B. Check Point GAiA and SecurePlatform, IPSO, Sun Solaris, Microsoft Windows 

C. Check Point GAiA, Microsoft Windows, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Sun Solaris, IPSO 

D. Sun Solaris, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Check Point SecurePlatform, IPSO, Microsoft Windows 


Q203. - (Topic 1) 

You manage a global network extending from your base in Chicago to Tokyo, Calcutta and Dallas. Management wants a report detailing the current software level of each Enterprise class Security Gateway. You plan to take the opportunity to create a proposal outline, listing the most cost-effective way to upgrade your Gateways. Which two SmartConsole applications will you use to create this report and outline? 

A. SmartLSM and SmartUpdate 

B. SmartView Tracker and SmartView Monitor 

C. SmartView Monitor and SmartUpdate 

D. SmartDashboard and SmartView Tracker 


Q204. - (Topic 3) 

Which type of R77 Security Server does not provide User Authentication? 

A. FTP Security Server 

B. SMTP Security Server 

C. HTTPS Security Server 

D. HTTP Security Server 


Q205. - (Topic 3) 

Choose the BEST sequence for configuring user management in SmartDashboard, using an LDAP server. 

A. Configure a server object for the LDAP Account Unit, and create an LDAP resource object. 

B. Enable User Directory in Global Properties, configure a host-node object for the LDAP server, and configure a server object for the LDAP Account Unit. 

C. Configure a workstation object for the LDAP server, configure a server object for the LDAP Account Unit, and enable LDAP in Global Properties. 

D. Configure a server object for the LDAP Account Unit, enable LDAP in Global Properties, and create an LDAP resource object. 


Q206. - (Topic 2) 

What must a Security Administrator do to comply with a management requirement to log all traffic accepted through the perimeter Security Gateway? 

A. Install the View Implicit Rules package using SmartUpdate. 

B. Define two log servers on the R77 Gateway object. Enable Log Implied Rules on the first log server. Enable Log Rule Base on the second log server. Use SmartReporter to merge the two log server records into the same database for HIPPA log audits. 

C. In Global Properties > Reporting Tools check the box Enable tracking all rules (including rules marked as None in the Track column). Send these logs to a secondary log server for a complete logging history. Use your normal log server for standard logging for troubleshooting. 

D. Check the Log Implied Rules Globally box on the R77 Gateway object. 


Q207. - (Topic 3) 

Which set of objects have an Authentication tab? 

A. Users, User Groups 

B. Networks, Hosts 

C. Users, Networks 

D. Templates, Users 


Q208. - (Topic 3) 

You are troubleshooting NAT entries in SmartView Tracker. Which column do you check to view the new source IP? 

A. XlateDst 

B. XlateSPort 

C. XlateSrc 

D. XlateDPort