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Q1. You need to create a now mailbox so that subscriber can send priority mail messages and file attachments using Internet Messaging. 

How do you enable a subscriber to send priority mail messages and file attachments using internet Messaging from the Messaging/ Administration > Subscriber Management COS Sections > PERMISSIONS > menu? 

A. Type = none 

Priority Messages = yes 

MCAPI Message Transfer = yes, 

MCAPI Access = yes 

B. Type = call-answer, 

Priority Messages – yes 

MCAPI Message Transfer — no, 

MCAPI Access = yes 

C. Type - none. 

Priority Messages = no, 

MCAPI Message transfer = yes, MCAPI Access = yes 

D. Type = call-answer 

Priority Messages = yes, 

MCAPI message transfer = yes, 

MCAPI Access = no 


Q2. A user is a new employee of ABC Co. and their manager supplies them with 9600 desktop IP telephone and login information and tells the user to plug the cord into the jack near their desk. The user plugs in the telephone, lifts the handset, but there is no dial tone and call cannot be made. 

What should the user do? (Choose two) 

A. Unplug the telephone and plug it back again. 

B. returns the telephone because it is defective 

C. Wait for the prompt for the extension number and password 

D. Plug the telephone into another jack. 

Answer: AC 

Q3. A subscriber is locked out of messaging system after three unsuccessful login attempts. The administrator needs to unlock the subscriber’s mailbox. 

Which basic parameter from the Messaging/Administration> Subscriber management > Manager > Manage > menu should the administration edit to unlock the subscriber’s mailbox? 

A. Basic Information> Locked? =yes 

B. Basic Information> Locked? = no 

C. Basic Information > password 

D. Custom COS Permissions> Trusted Server Access = Yes 

E. Custom COS Permissions> trusted Server Access = no 


Q4. In which failover scenario is the Alternate Gatekeeper List used? 

A. H.323 endpoints that have lost connection to the gatekeeper 

B. H.248 gateways that have lost connection to the server 

C. H.323 endpoints that have lost connection to the IPSI 

D. IPSIs that have lost connection to the server 


Explanation: Correct, page 86 Administering Avaya Aura. Communication Manager 

Q5. You have a problem with a system and you know that you need to view a log of captured data. However, you are unsure of what kind of information the logs on the Diagnostics > system Logs (SMI) page capture. 

With reference to the exhibit, which document contains descriptions of these logs? 

A. Communication Manager Alarms 

B. Communication manager Procedures C. Communication Manager server Alarms 

D. Communication Manager Denial Events 



Reference 03-602798 Communication Manager Server Alarms 

Q6. Which two switching processes work together in an external call process setup? (Choose two) 

A. Hunt group 

B. Pickup group 

C. Trunk group 

D. signaling group 

E. Abbreviated dialing group 

Answer: CD 

Q7. With the trend toward convergence, more customers have been connecting their port networks at remote locations across a WAN connection from Communication Manager. 

Which timing consideration typically affects these remote port networks? 

A. CLAN timers can be administrator from 3-15 seconds. 

B. IPSI timers can be administrator from 3-15 seconds 

C. the CM primary Search Timer can be administrator from 15-3600 seconds 

D. H.248 Link Bounce Timer can be administered from 1-30 seconds. 

E. H.323 Link Bounce Timer can be administered from 1-60 seconds 


Q8. Which two statements are true about shuffling? (Choose two.) 

A. Improves voice quality by directly connecting only same-model IP endpoints 

B. Improves resource allocation by bypassing the TN Media Processor/Resource circuit pack 

C. Improves voice quality by dynamically directing media conversion to all available resource 

D. Administered system-wide on the System Parameters Features form 

E. Administered on individual station form 

Answer: BE 

Explanation: page 90 Administering Network Connectivity on Avaya Aura. Communication Manager