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2016 Oct 156-315.77 exam question

Q401. - (Topic 6) 

Which changes are tracked bySmart Workflow? 

A. Smart Dashboard,Smart ViewTracker andSmart ViewMonitor logins and logouts 

B. Security Policies and the Rule Base, Network Objects, Network Services, VPN Communities. 

C. Users, Administrators, Groups and VPN Communities 

D. Security Policies and the Rule Base, Network Objects, Network Services, Resources, Users, Administrators, Groups, VPN Communities and Servers and OPSEC Applications. 


Q402. - (Topic 2) 

The process that performs the authentication for legacy session authentication is: 

A. cvpnd 

B. fwm 

C. vpnd 

D. fwssd 


Q403. - (Topic 7) 

When a packet is flowing through the security gateway, which one of the following is a valid inspection path? 

A. Acceleration Path 

B. Small Path 

C. Firewall Path 

D. Medium Path 


Q404. - (Topic 4) 

Problems sometimes occur when distributing IPSec packets to a few machines in a Load Sharing Multicast mode cluster, even though the machines have the same source and destination IP addresses. What is the best Load Sharing method for preventing this type of problem? 

A. Load Sharing based on IP addresses, ports, and serial peripheral interfaces (SPI) 

B. Load Sharing based on SPIs only 

C. Load Sharing based on IP addresses only 

D. Load Sharing based on SPIs and ports only 

E. Load Sharing based on IP addresses and ports 


Q405. CORRECT TEXT - (Topic 8) 

To bind a NIC to a single processor when using CoreXL on GAiA, you would use the command 

Answer: sim affinity 

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Q406. - (Topic 3) 

To back up all events stored in theSmart EventServer, you should back up the contents of which folder(s)? 

A. $RTDIR/distrib 

B. $RTDIR/distrib_db and $FWDIR/events 

C. $RTDIR/distrib and $RTDIR/events_db 

D. $RTDIR/events_db 


Q407. - (Topic 4) 

Your organization has many VPN-1 Edge gateways at various branch offices, to allow VPN-1 Secure Client users to access company resources. For security reasons, your organization's Security Policy requires all Internet traffic initiated behind the VPN-1 Edge gateways first be inspected by your headquarters' VPN-1 Pro Security Gateway. How do you configure VPN routing in this star VPN Community? 

A. To the Internet and other targets only 

B. To the center and other satellites, through the center 

C. To the center only 

D. To the center; or through the center to other satellites, then to the Internet and other VPN targets 


Q408. CORRECT TEXT - (Topic 8) 

Fill in the blank with a numeric value. The default port number for standard TCP connections with the LDAP server is 

Answer: 389 

Q409. - (Topic 8) 

You configure a Check Point QoS Rule Base with two rules: an HTTP rule with a weight of 40, and the Default Rule with a weight of 10. If the only traffic passing through your QoS Module is HTTP traffic, what percent of bandwidth will be allocated to the HTTP traffic? 

A. 80% 

B. 50% 

C. 40% 

D. 100% 


Q410. - (Topic 1) 

What firewall kernel table stores information about port allocations for Hide NAT connections? 

A. NAT_dst_any_list 

B. host_ip_addrs 

C. NAT_src_any_list 

D. fwx_alloc