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Q9. This graphic shows traffic being blocked from certain countries. 

What is the deciding factor for this? 

A. The traffic from selected countries is being blocked because of an IPS traffic-type rule in the 


B. The traffic from selected countries is being blocked because it is overloading the Gateway 

C. The traffic from selected countries is being blocked due to the GeoProtection ruleset 

D. The traffic from selected countries is being blocked due to IPS-detected specific attacks 

originating there 


Q10. IPS can assist in the discovery of unknown buffer overflow attacks without any pre-defined signatures. 

A. False, only the Threat Emulator blade can discover unknown attacks. 

B. True, if Zero-Day vulnerability is enabled. 

C. False, IPS needs predefined signatures for all functions. 

D. True, if Malicious Code Protector is enabled in IPS. 


Q11. How can SmartEvent be launched out of SmartDashboard? 

A. Threat Prevention Tab > Launch SmartEvent 

B. Menu SmartConsole > SmartEvent 

C. Menu SmartConsole > SmartEvent or Threat Prevention Tab > Analyze and Report 

D. SmartEvent has always to be launched via Start > Programs 


Q12. Which of the following is information shared via ThreatCloud? 

A. Sensitive Corporate Data 

B. Bot and virus signatures 

C. Anticipated Attack Methods 

D. Compromised Machine IP Addresses 


Q13. When pushing the Threat Prevention policy, which of the following blades will NOT get updated? 


B. Threat Emulation 

C. Anti-Bot 

D. Anti-Virus 


Q14. Damage from a bot attack can take place after the bot compromises a machine. Which of the following represents the order by which this process takes place? The bot: 

A. infects a machine, communicates with its command and control handlers, and penetrates the organization. 

B. penetrates the organization, infects a machine, and communicates with its command and 

control handlers. 

C. communicates with its command and control handlers, infects a machine, and penetrates the organization. 

D. penetrates the organization, communicates with its command and control handlers, and infects a machine. 


Q15. SmartLog can be used to identify which of the following: 

A. Security Policy version control information 

B. A list of currently connected users 

C. The country of origin of specific traffic displayed on a map 

D. The top destination IP addresses of a specific source 


Q16. Which of these is a Check Point Firewall attribute? 

A. Malicious P2P application protection 

B. Buffer overflow prevention 

C. Worm injection blocking 

D. Granular access control