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Q97. - (Topic 10) 

Which of the following authentication methods can be configured in the Identity Awareness setup wizard? 


B. Captive Portal 

C. Check Point Password 

D. Windows password 


Q98. CORRECT TEXT - (Topic 14) 

Type the full fw command and syntax that will show full synchronization status. 

Answer: fw ctl pstat 

Q99. - (Topic 16) 

When migrating the SmartEvent data base from one server to another, the last step is to save the files on the new server. Which of the following commands should you run to save the SmartEvent data base files on the new server? 

A. cp 

B. restore 

C. migrate import 

D. eva_db_restore 


Q100. - (Topic 2) 

Your company is running Security Management Server R77 on GAiA, which has been migrated through each version starting from Check Point 4.1. How do you add a new administrator account? 

A. Using SmartDashboard, under Users, select Add New Administrator 

B. Using SmartDashboard or cpconfig 

C. Using the Web console on GAiA under Product configuration, select Administrators 

D. Using cpconfig on the Security Management Server, choose Administrators 


Q101. - (Topic 10) 

To qualify as an Identity Awareness enabled rule, which column MAY include an Access Role? 

A. Source 

B. Track 

C. User 

D. Action 


Q102. - (Topic 4) 

You are MegaCorp’s Security Administrator. There are various network objects which must be NATed. Some of them use the Automatic Hide NAT method, while others use the Automatic Static NAT method. What is the rule order if both methods are used together? Give the BEST answer. 

A. The Administrator decides the rule order by shifting the corresponding rules up and down. 

B. The Static NAT rules have priority over the Hide NAT rules and the NAT on a node has priority over the NAT on a network or an address range. 

C. The Hide NAT rules have priority over the Static NAT rules and the NAT on a node has priority over the NAT on a network or an address range. 

D. The rule position depends on the time of their creation. The rules created first are placed at the top; rules created later are placed successively below the others. 

Answer: B Topic 5, User Managment and Authentication Obj 1 

Q103. - (Topic 8) 

Users with Identity Awareness Agent installed on their machines login with __________, so that when the user logs into the domain, that information is also used to meet Identity Awareness credential requests. 

A. Key-logging 

B. ICA Certificates 

C. SecureClient 

D. Single Sign-On 


Q104. - (Topic 15) 

Your organization maintains several IKE VPN’s. Executives in your organization want to know which mechanism Security Gateway R77 uses to guarantee the authenticity and integrity of messages. Which technology should you explain to the executives? 

A. Certificate Revocation Lists 

B. Application Intelligence 

C. Key-exchange protocols 

D. Digital signatures