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Q41. Tom is making changes to his company's Web site. Because he likes the way the markup is styled, he copies the following into another section of the page:

<div id="subsection"> This section is under construction</div> Why does the home page not validate properly?

A. A <div> tag can be used only once in each document's markup.

B. An ID attribute can be applied to only one element in a document.

C. Element attributes must be declared in the style sheet.

D. The <div> tag was not closed properly.

Answer: B

Q42. Which of the following should the web site developer use to test a site for usability?

A. One or two people

B. Other design team members

C. Other developers

D. People with little or no exposure to the site or even the Internet

Answer: D

Q43. Which of the following is the common name for the practice hackers use to trick people into revealing sensitive information?

A. Identity exploitation

B. Social engineering

C. Intellectual deception

D. Information probing

Answer: B

Q44. The <BODY> tag can be modified to:

A. adjust top and left page margins

B. adjust top, bottom, left and right margins

C. adjust top and bottom page margins

D. adjust left and right page margins

Answer: A

Q45. Consider the following code:

$dbcon=mysql_connect("james.stangernet.com","example"); mysql_select_db("databaseone");

Which of the following describes the function of this code?

A. It is selecting a database record and creating a new record.

B. It is creating a connection to the database.

C. It is conducting a join for a new database.

D. It is selecting a table from the database.

Answer: B

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Q46. Which of the following examples of Web site tone on the home page would be most appropriate for the audience indicated?

A. A formal tone for a children's gaming site

B. A professional tone for tourists looking for a ski resort

C. A technical tone for online shoppers of furniture

D. A conversational tone for teens looking for music

Answer: D

Q47. What is the name of the international association founded in 1994 to develop common standards for the World Wide Web?

A. Web watch consortium

B. World wide web consortium

C. International web consortium

D. Web industry standards group

Answer: B

Q48. Which of the following is generally known as the last major stage of the overall process of developing a complex Web site?

A. Site marketing

B. Tracking, evaluation, and maintenance

C. Site design

D. Site construction

Answer: B

Q49. Where do SVG files render?

A. On the client side

B. In the XML markup

C. On the server side

D. In the Flash plug-in

Answer: A

Q50. Which HTTP_EQUIV attribute value controls the page cache to the browser folder?





Answer: C