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Q41. Consider the Information Engineering diagram in the exhibit showing a conceptual data model of the relations BUILDING and RESIDENT. What is the next step in refining the data model? 

A. Create intermediate entities.

B. Create a logical data model. 

C. Resolve many-to-many relationships. 

D. Identify and resolve complex relationships. 


Q42. Which term describes the rejoining of relations that have been decomposed? 

A. Normalization 

B. Denormalization 

C. Referential integrity 

D. Domain constraints 


Q43. Which of the following best describes the ON DELETE NO ACTION referential integrity constraint? 

A. If a parent key is deleted, any child keys referenced by the parent key are automatically deleted. 

B. If a parent key is deleted, no test is made for referential integrity. 

C. If any child key references a parent key, the record containing the parent key cannot be deleted. 

D. If a parent key is deleted, all child keys are automatically set to a specified value. 


Q44. Consider the relational database shown in the exhibit. What is the foreign key in this database? 

A. Employee.Dept_ID 

B. Dept_Mngr 

C. Dept_Name 

D. Department.Dept_ID 


Q45. Consider the table for an employee database shown in the exhibit. What is the degree of the table? 

A. 25 

B. 5 

C. 4 

D. 20 


Q46. Which subset of Structured Query Language (SQL) is used to limit access to a database or its data? 

A. Data Markup Language 

B. Data Control Language 

C. Data Formatting Language 

D. Data Manipulation Language 


Q47. Which statement best describes a procedural data manipulation language command? 

A. It contains a query language for retrieving data. 

B. It can be used only to manipulate data through a SQL interface. 

C. The user is not required to know how the underlying data structures are implemented. 

D. It requires that the user know how the underlying data structures are implemented. 


Q48. For the Employee relation shown in the exhibit, which set of column value holds the complete tuple for the employee named James Smith? 

A. 0002, James, Smith 

B. 0002, James, Smith,10-25-76 

C. First_Name, James, Last_Name, Smith 

D. Emp_ID, 0002, First_Name, James, Last_Name, Smith