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Q21. Gwen works for a small company where she has been asked to find a cost-effective option for providing comprehensive customer service. The finance, technical support, sales and customer service departments all need to share information about their customers. Gwen is considering   adoption of a customer relationship management (CRM) application. Which of the following would be the most cost- effective solution? 

A. She can purchase a new server, then create and maintain the CRM in-house. 

B. She can outsource all customer service so the company can focus on product development. 

C. She can contract with a cloud service provider to host the CRM that her company’s employees can access. 

D. She can hire a programmer to develop and maintain the CRM specific to her company’s needs, then have a service provider host the application. 


Q22. Patrick visits his teenage daughter’s social media page and discovers several offensive posts about one of her classmates. After speaking with his daughter, Patrick learns that several other girls in her class are upset with the classmate and have been posting, texting and e-mailing others about the girl. What is the best way for Patrick to help his daughter understand cyber bullying? 

A. He should advise his daughter to ignore the posts, texts and c-mails.

B.  He should explain to his daughter that she is participating in the bullying by accepting others’posts, texts and c-mails. 

C. He should explain to his daughter that the Internet embraces freedom of speech, and anyone is allowed to write anything. 

D. He should advise his daughter to delete all the posts, texts and c-mails she has received, as well as any new ones that appear. 


Q23. Which of the following statement about virtualization is true? 

A. Virtualization enables multiple physical computers to run off of a single virtualized server. 

B. In virtualization, you run multiple virtual machines, provided they all use the same operating system. 

C. In virtualization, the operating systems of the virtual machines should match the host operating system. 

D. Virtualization enables you to run multiple operating systems and applications on a single computer. 


Q24. Security attacks can vary greatly. Which type of attack is characterized as an attempt to trick an individual into revealing confidential or private information? 

A. Trojan 

B. Spoofing 

C. Man in the middle 

D. Social engineering 


Q25. Sam is a professor at a small college. Due to a scheduling conflict, he was unable to obtain access to the computer lab to give the final exam. As an alternative, he asked students to bring their own devices (BYOD) and connect to the college’s Wi-Fi for network access. What security risk is associated with this implementation? 

A. Inability for students to share files 

B. Inability for students to back up user files 

C. Student devices sending unsecured data 

D. Student devices being more susceptible to malware 


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Q26. Ron has an older computer to which he frequently downloads and saves company files. He recently noticed that he was running low on disk space and decided to delete many old files that he no longer needed. He now notices that it takes a long time to open or save documents to his hard drive. Which maintenance task can help? 

A. Disk defragmentation 

B. chkdsk command 

C. fdisk command 

D. Disk cleanup 


Q27. Sally is a network technician at Acme Corporation. She has been directed to configure the network adapter for a company laptop so that it can be used to connect to the company network and the Internet. What is one of the required TCP/IP settings that she will need to configure? 

A. MAC address 

B. Default gateway 

C. Workstation name 

D. Loopback address 


Q28. SuperBank is considering a cloud service from Local Data Center, Inc., to support the bank’s expanding needs. SuperBank’s managers are concerned about security. What can SuperBank request to protect its data from security threats? 

A. For Local Data Center to run multiple hypervisors 

B. For Local Data Center to install a DDoS mitigation system 

C. For SuperBank staff to manage the servers at Local Data Center, Inc. 

D. For SuperBank to perform background checks on the staff at Local Data Center, Inc. 


Q29. The capabilities of cellular networks have improved greatly since their original development for analog voice phone calls. Most recently, fourth-generation (4G) wireless supports a variety of data- intensive needs. A benefit of 4G networks is that they: 

A. Use spread-spectrum technology to ensure high transmission rates. 

B. Provide fast transmission rates equivalent to DSL or broadband-cable. 

C. Provide fast transmission rates equivalent to high-speed dial-up connections. 

D. Enable bandwidth throttling, allowing the user access to unrestricted download speeds. 


Q30. Carlos is the Information Technology (IT) administrator for a small company. Over the past year, employees have been using their personal mobile devices and smartphones for business use. This has reduced costs of purchasing new devices for employees. Carlos is now considering whether he should stop supplying employees with company phones and instead require all  employees to  use their personal smartphones for work. How can Carlos address the most significant security vulnerability? 

A. Develop a robust app to push security updates out to the various mobile OS devices 

B. Create an employee policy that requires employees to keep phones updated to the latest technology 

C. Create a policy that specifies acceptable use, ensuring security measures are in place for mobile devices 

D. Mandate that employees switch to the company’s mobile service provider to ensure security policies are enforced