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2016 Dec 1D0-525 sample question

Q71. Which of the following is the most effective option for detecting a site attack by someone who wants to modify your customer database? 

A. Implementing a firewall 

B. Using antivirus software 

C. Using an intrusion detection system 

D. Limiting the open ports on the system 


Q72. A customer has placed an online order. The order has been written to a database for processing and the customer's credit card has been charged. What is the last interaction with the customer during the order process? 

A. Update the customer profile. 

B.  Redirect the customer to the home page. 

C. Send a confirmation e-mail message to the customer. D. Send a shipping notification via e-mail to the customer. 


Q73. Which of the following algorithms uses symmetric keys for encryption? 


B. MD5 




Q74. Which of the following is commonly used to authenticate a customer who has just used a credit card to buy a product? 

A. The customer's signature 

B. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) 

C. The customer's card security code 

D. A payment gateway for verifying the customer's address 


Q75. You have just developed a business-to-consumer (B2C) Web site that sells wetsuits for scuba diving. You want to partner with another company to start a banner ad program. 

What sort of company would be the most effective choice for a partner? 

A. A company that sells canoes and small boats 

B. A company that sells wetsuits mainly to surfers 

C. A company that sells tanks, masks and snorkels 

D. A company that sells a different brand of wetsuits 


Up to the minute 1D0-525 free exam:

Q76. Which of the following statements about Secure Electronic Transactions (SET) is correct? 

A. SET was designed to replace SSL. 

B. Four protocols were merged to form SET. 

C. The SET protocol has gained wide market acceptance. 

D. With SET, the merchant does not know the user account number. 


Q77. Before you can conduct usability testing, you should: 

A. identify your potential customers. 

B. identify browser compatibility issues. 

C. publish your site to a production server. 

D. identify the most-traveled path of your site. 


Q78. Which of the following best describes an e-commerce transaction system? 

A. It operates like a chain: One broken link causes problems for the entire system. 

B. It operates like the open-source community: Individuals will not use propriety solutions. 

C. It operates like a retail sales transaction: Personal interaction influences buying decisions. 

D. It operates like an atomic reaction: One event sets off a series of events that quickly result in an explosion of activity. 


Q79. An attack has affected a commercial server providing customized Web content services to Michael's e-commerce site. The attack is most likely an example of: 

A. registrar database tampering. 

B. certificate authority (CA) infiltration. 

C. Application Service Provider (ASP) infiltration. 

D. Secure Electronic Transactions (SET) corruption. 


Q80. Which of the following are common elements of an e-commerce transaction system? 

A. Order tracking and customer referrer programs 

B. Credit card payments and online payment services 

C. Automatic restocking of goods and currency conversion 

D. Employee incentive plans and credit-card payment services