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Q9. When you use a connection profile and the SASSEC_LOCAL_PW_SAVE option is set to Y, which pieces of information is it possible to save? 

A. User ID 

B. Password 

C. User ID and Password 

D. No information can be saved 


Q10. If you are unable to connect to or use a server, which of the following would NOT be a viable first step in troubleshooting? 

A. Verify that the server is running at the operating system level. 

B. Modify the SAS Server configuration files and attempt to restart. 

C. Verify that the objectspawner is running at the operating system level for the workspace and stored process servers. 

D. Examine logs to identify warnings or errors. 


Q11. How many object spawners, at a minimum, need to be defined in the metadata? 

A. One per machine running a stored process server, workspace server, and/or pooled workspace server. 

B. One for each type of server instantiated byanobject spawner. 

C. One for every three servers that need to be instantiated by an objectspawner. 

D. Never more than one per environment. 


Q12. A platform administrator needs to register OLAP cubes. What permission levels are required for this task? 

A. CM for the target folder andWMMfor the OLAP schema. 

B. WM for the OLAP schema and RMLE for the target folder. 

C. WM for the target folder and WMM for the OLAP schema. 

D. WM for the OLAP schema and WMM for the target folder. 


Q13. Which statement is FALSE regarding the use of the OMABAKUP macro to backup the SAS environment? 

A. It can be used to restore the backup files. 

B. It can be used to reclaim unused disk space with the REORG option. 

C. It stops the metadata server while performing a backup. 

D. It creates a backup with minimal disruption in service. 


Q14. The suffix of a SAS Internal account is: 

A. @sas 

B. @saspw 

C. @LocalHost 

D. @sasMain 


Q15. Which statement regarding precedence principles for authorization is FALSE? 

A. Settings on an item have priority over settings on the item's parent. 

B. If identity precedence and the type of setting do not resolve a conflict, the outcome is a denial. 

C. Explicit settings have priority over ACT settings. 

D. A direct member of multiple groups cannot have conflicting settings. 


Q16. The METALIB procedure enables you to update table metadata. Which method does NOT provide access to the METALIB procedure? 

A. SAS Management Console's update metadata feature 

B. SAS Enterprise Guide Explorer's library management feature 

C. SAS Data Integration Studio's update table metadata feature 

D. custom code using PROC METALIB.