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2016 Oct 156-315.77 free practice test

Q221. - (Topic 3) 

You are concerned that the processor for your firewall running NGX R71Secure Platformmay be overloaded. What file would you view to determine the speed of your processor(s)? 

A. cat /etc/cpuinfo 

B. cat /proc/cpuinfo 

C. cat /var/opt/CPsuite-R71/fw1/conf/cpuinfo 

D. cat /etc/sysconfig/cpuinfo 

Answer: B 

Q222. - (Topic 4) 

Jacob is using a mesh VPN Community to create a sitE. to-site VPN. The VPN properties in this mesh Community display in this graphic: Which of the following statements is TRUE? 

A. If Jacob changes the setting, "Perform key exchange encryption with" from "3DES" to "DES", he will enhance the VPN Community's security and reduce encryption overhead. 

B. Jacob must change the datA. integrity settings for this VPN Community. MD5 is incompatible with AES. 

C. If Jacob changes the setting "Perform IPSec data encryption with" from "AES-128" to "3DES", he will increase the encryption overhead. 

D. Jacob's VPN Community will perform IKE Phase 1 key-exchange encryption, using the longest key VPN-1 NGX supports. 

Answer: C 

Q223. - (Topic 6) 

You are usingtrace loggerto debug SSL VPN's server side and obtain a textual traffic dump. Which type of traffic will you NOT see in the output? 

A. Traffic outbound from the internal networks 

B. Traffic to the portal 

C. Traffic outbound to the external networks 

D. Traffic inbound from the external networks 

Answer: B 

Q224. - (Topic 1) 

Identity Agent is a lightweight endpoint agent that authenticates securely with Single Sign-On (SSO). Which of the following is NOT a recommended use for this method? 

A. When accuracy in detecting identity is crucial 

B. Identity based enforcement for non-AD users (non-Windows and guest users) 

C. Protecting highly sensitive servers 

D. Leveraging identity for Data Center protection 

Answer: B 

Q225. - (Topic 2) 

You want to verify that your Check Point cluster is working correctly. Which command line tool can you use? 

A. cphastart -status 

B. cphainfo -s 

C. cphaprob state 

D. cphaconf state 

Answer: C 

156-315.77 free question

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Q226. - (Topic 4) 

What is the best tool to produce a report which represents historical system information? 

A. Smart ViewTracker 

B. Smart viewMonitor 

C. Smart Reporter-Standard Reports 

D. Smart Reporter-Express Reports 

Answer: D 

Q227. - (Topic 6) 

What is the best method for scheduling backup's on multiple firewalls? 

A. WebUI 

B. SmartProvisioning 

C. Smart Dashboard 

D. SmartUpdate 

Answer: B 

Q228. - (Topic 4) 

How does a standby SmartCenter Server receive logs from all Security Gateways, when an active SmartCenter Server fails over? 

A. The remote Gateways must set up SIC with the secondary SmartCenter Server, for logging. 

B. Establish Secure Internal Communications (SIC) between the primary and secondary Servers. The secondary Server can then receive logs from the Gateways, when the active Server fails over. 

C. On the Log Servers screen (from the Logs and Masters tree on the gateway object's General Properties screen), add the secondary SmartCenter Server object as the additional log server. Reinstall the Security Policy. 

D. Create a Check Point host object to represent the standby SmartCenter Server. Then select "Secondary SmartCenter Server" and Log Server", from the list of Check Point Products on the General properties screen. 

E. The secondary Server's host name and IP address must be added to the Masters file, on the remote Gateways. 

Answer: C 

Q229. CORRECT TEXT - (Topic 8) 

Fill in the blank. To enter the router shell, use command __________ . 

Answer: cligated 

Q230. - (Topic 4) 

Based on the following information, which of the statements below is FALSE? 

A DLP Rule Base has the following conditions: Data Type =Password Protected File Source=My Organization Destination=Outside My Organization Protocol=Any Action=Ask User Exception: Data Type=Any, Source=Research and Development (R&D) Destination=Pratner1.com Protocol=Any All other rules are set to Detect.User Checkis enabled and installed on all client machines. 

A. When a user from R&D sends an e-mail with a password protected PDF file as an attachment to xyz@partner1 .com, he will be prompted byUser Check. 

B. When a user from Finance sends an e-mail with an encrypted ZIP file as an attachment to. He will be prompted byUser Check. 

C. Another rule is added: Source = R&D, Destination = partner1.com, Protocol = Any, Action = Inform. When a user from R&D sends an e-mail with an encrypted ZIP file as an attachment to, he will be prompted byUser Check. 

D. When a user from R&D sends an e-mail with an encrypted ZIP file as an attachment to , he will NOT be prompted byUser Check. 

Answer: B