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2016 Sep 199-01 exam question

Q91. In a quad Interceptor appliance deployment the directly connected pairs are configured in failover modE.

IC-A & IC-B are failover buddies

IC-C & IC-D are failover buddies

To prevent asymmetric routing IC-A should be configured to have a neighbor relationship with which of the following peer Interceptors? (Select 2)




D. Interceptor appliance uses auto discovery to learn about each other

E. Neighbor relationships are unnecessary in a quad Interceptor appliance deployment

Answer: BC

Q92. You are configuring HighSpeed TCP in an environment with an OC-3 (155Mb/s) and 60 milliseconds of round-trip latency. You know that the rule of thumb is to set the WAN router queue length to BDP for the link. Assuming 1500 byte packets, the queue length for this link would be closest to: (Hint: Use the calculator)

A. 3,110 packets

B. 6,220 packets

C. 775 packets

D. 150 packets

E. 10,000 packets

Answer: C

Q93. Refer to the exhibit.

SH3 and SH4 are able to optimize HTTP sessions from Client41 to application host Server31. However, Client41 receives a failure messagE. "ftp connect: Unknown error number" while trying to connect Server32. The same applies to Client42. Note that SH3 and SH4 are in auto-discovery mode. Client41 and Client42 are able to ping Server32. What is the most likely cause of this failure?

A. The network interface card (NIC) at Server32 is down

B. The FTP service running in Server32 is down

C. An outbound access-list specified at R3f0 denies IP traffic from Client41 and Client42

D. An outbound access-list specified at R3f0 denies FTP control traffic from Client41 and Client42

E. The routing protocol between R3 and R4 is configured wrong

Answer: B

Q94. You can monitor your Steelhead appliance disk performance using which reports? (Select 2)

A. Data Store Cost

B. Data Store Performance

C. Disk Load

D. SDR Hit

E. Disk Pressure

F. Disk Alarm

Answer: AC

Q95. What is the default behavior of an Interceptor appliance using 2.0 code when its peer Interceptor appliance is unavailable?

A. Redirect to peer

B. Pass-through new connections

C. Block all connections

D. Deny all connections

E. Optimize all connections

Answer: B

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Q96. Which of the following deployments is incompatible with the Branch Warming feature?

A. In-path

B. Virtual in-path

C. Out-of-path



Answer: C

Q97. What should you do when you receive the following message?

A. Nothing. This is a warning message which means that the Steelhead appliance is resetting an internal state regarding this connection and it should not affect user performance.

B. Switch off the Steelhead appliance

C. Create a specific pass-through rule to bypass the above source and destination hosts

D. Reload the Steelhead appliance

Answer: A

Q98. What platform is supported by SMC-VE?

A. ESX 3.5

B. ESX 4.0

C. ESX 4.1


E. HyperV

Answer: D

Q99. A firewall at a remote site on the WAN side of Steelhead appliance (A) is stripping out the 76 and 78 values in the TCP options field. Steelhead appliance (B) is in the local cluster of appliances communicating with an Interceptor appliance. The desired result is for optimization to continue between Steelhead appliance (A) and Steelhead appliance (B) for all traffic originating from the remote site. A suggestion is made to use fixed target rule(s) to meet this objective. Based on the information provided select the best answer from the choices below:

A. On Steelhead appliance (A) configure a fixed-target rule to the Interceptor in-path address

B. On Steelhead appliance (A) configure a fixed target rule to the Interceptor in-path address with Steelhead appliance (B) as the backup target.

C. On Steelhead appliance (A) configure a fixed target rule to the Steelhead appliance (B) in-path address

D. Fixed target rules will not work with Steelhead appliances virtually out of path and communicating with Interceptors

E. TCP option 76 or 78 are not relevant when an Interceptor appliance is used, Peer Affinity will automatically achieve this objective

Answer: C

Q100. Which command will display current alarm status information?

A. show stats alarm

B. stats show alarm

C. show alarm all

D. alarm show all

E. show all

Answer: A