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Q41. The main purpose of monitoring e-commerce Web server resources and performance (including bandwidth, uptime, downtime and network usage) is to ensure: 

A. site availability. 

B. visitor satisfaction. 

C. cost-effectiveness. 

D. increased profitability. 


Q42. According to the X.509 (ITU) standard, which of the following is a non-standard certificate field that can contain additional information such as date of birth? 

A. Fingerprint 

B. Extensions (v3) 

C. Subject (User) Name 

D. Subject Public-Key Information 


Q43. What information is required to make a customer comfortable with making a purchase? 

A. A brief product description 

B. A picture with no additional information 

C. A detailed description of the product with pictures 

D. All supporting documentation for the product or service 


Q44. You want to configure a second Web site on a server. Which of the following most efficiently ensures that requests are properly processed by this second Web server for customers around the world? 

A. A host header value 

B. The server's hosts file 

C. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) 

D. The hosts file on user systems 


Q45. You are running a site that provides e-learning services to several Fortune 100 companies. This site is available at the following location: 


A new customer wants to access the same server at a new name: 


Which type of DNS entry should be created? 

A. A 

B. MX 




Q46. After using your Web browser to test a few purchases on your staging server, you find that the shopping cart has carried forward purchases from several earlier transactions. 

What steps should you take first to solve this problem? 

A. Close and reopen the browser, and then use the shopping cart again. 

B. Delete the system DSN and re-create it, and then use the shopping cart again. 

C. Test your e-commerce software on the production server, and then use the shopping cart again. 

D. Delete the database and reinstall it using the same parameters, and then use the shopping cart again. 


Q47. You have been asked to create a digital certificate server. Your supervisor wants you to provide a standard, convenient method for allowing users to request certificates. Which of the following steps should you take? 

A. Enable LDAP-based certificate requests to be processed automatically. B. Enable a server share to allow users to place certificates into a directory. C. Configure the certificate server to process Web-based certificate requests. 

D. Configure the certificate server to process e-mail-based certificate requests. 


Q48. What aspect of e-commerce marketing most significantly differentiates the use of a niche marketing strategy from that of a global marketing strategy? 

A. Advertising media choices 

B. Common customer interests 

C. Products and/or services offered 

D. Geographic distribution of the customers