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Q65. What is the biggest security concern with wireless networks? 

A. Firewall software is not available for access points. 

B. Wireless encryption algorithms must be implemented. 

C. Wireless networks do not support intrusion detection. 

D. Wireless networks do not support encryption via an access point. 


Q66. When a PC computer device wants to communicate with the processor, which system resource does it use? 

A. I/O 





Q67. The App-A-Day company offers software applications for various topics. When a customer purchases a desired application from the App-A-Day online store, he is directed to a page where he can download the application directly. When the customer is redirected and begins downloading the application, which specific standard protocol is most likely transferring the application? 






Q68. Raoul has received a file attachment from a known individual. He has no reason to expect files from this individual. Which of the following is an effective security strategy for Raoul to take? 

A. Open the file attachment and use anti-virus software to scan it. 

B. Before opening the attachment, use anti-virus software to scan the system’s hard disk. 

C. Make back-up copies of important files so that it is possible to recover them in case of an incident. 

D. Before opening the attachment, call or send a text or instant message to the individual to verify that he or she meant to send it. 


Q69. The code does not validate as HTML5. Why? 

A. The <article> tag is missing. 

B. The <meta> tag and its attributes are missing. 

C. The <blockquote> tag should be used outside the <p> tags. 

D. The !DQCTYPE declaration is missing a reference to the Document Type Definition (DTD). 


Q70. Marsha’s boss directed her to create a mobile version of the company’s Web site. 

To ensure her mobile site is optimized, Marsha eliminates banners and advertisements. What other recommendations should Marsha follow? 

A. Use images instead of video on the Web site. 

B. Use white space to give the site an uncluttered look. 

C. Use Flash content to replace lengthy text descriptions. 

D. Create several Web sites, each tailored to a specific mobile platform. 


Q71. You need to center and indent a quote on your Web page. Which is the best way to accomplish this using HTML5? 

A. Use the <pre> element. 

B. Use the <blockquote> element. 

C. Use the style attribute 1%Iith the <p> tag. 

D. Use the text-align attribute with the <p> tag. 


Q72. Virtualization software transforms the hardware resources of a physical computer to create a fully functional virtual computer that can run its own operating systems and applications. In addition to the CPU and RAM, which hardware resources are used by virtualization software? 

A. Hard disk and USB devices 

B. Hard disk and network devices 

C. Virtual hard disk and network devices 

D. Network devices and secondary storage devices