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2016 Dec 1D0-61A practice test

Q21. Aisha is preparing to give a presentation to management about the development of cloud computing services that her company is planning to implement. Which of the following might her managers mention as a possible objection or drawback to using cloud services for the company? 

A. Speed 

B. Cost 

C. Flexibility 

D. Scalability 


Q22. You are configuring an e-mail client to connect to your e-mail account. Which of following is required to set up the e-mail account? 

A. An HTTP address 

B. An FTP address 

C. ADNSserveraddress 

D. APOP3 address 


Q23. Consider the following address: 


Which part of the URL represents the server name on which this page resides? 


B. .CIWcertified 

C. .CIWcertifed.com 

D. /certifications/ 


Q24. Which organization is responsible for managing domain names so that each one is unique, and (once registered) cannot be used by an unauthorized individual or organization? 


B. W3C 




Q25. You are a software developer who wants to start developing mobile apps for smartphones. You have the option to develop apps for an open-source operating system. Which of the following could persuade you to focus your development efforts on the open-source operating system? 

A. An open-source license will never be in the public domain. 

B. Source code for an open-source app is not viewable and cannot be modified. 

C. Open-source operating systems and development tools are free from software bugs and viruses. 

D. The operating system and associated development tools are free, provided you comply with the copyleft license. 


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Q26. Melanie works in the sales department at XYZ Company. She decides that her company’s marketing team has done a poor job representing the company’s brand. Without direction or permission, she starts her own social networking account to help. This account’s name is called XYZ Professional. To customize her page, she uses company logos and verbiage from the company Web site. She then begins communicating with customers and individuals interested in XYZ via this service. 

Which of the following would be the most appropriate response to Melanie’s actions by the company? 

A. Providing a link to Melanie’s page from the company’s official social networking account 

B. Sending Melanie a request from the company’s Human Resources department to stop using company logos, yet allowing her to continue using this social networking account 

C. Adding references to Melanie’s social networking page in the company’s internal newsletter 

D. Terminating Melanie’s employment for copyright and trademark violation, with a cease-anddesist letter asking for control of the account 


Q27. Roberto’s company is releasing updates to a specific product. He needs to educate the company’s sales managers, who are located in various international locations, about the new product updates. Which of the following methods would be the most economical and efficient solution for Roberto to discuss the required information with the sales managers synchronously? 

A. Send the product update blueprints via e-mail to each of the sales managers and ask them to contact him with any questions. 

B. Schedule an in-person sales meeting with them at the company headquarters so that the updates can be demonstrated and any questions answered with the entire group present. 

C. Schedule a Webinar with the sales managers so that the updates can be demonstrated and any questions answered with the entire group. 

D. Post the product update blueprints on the company’s Web site and call each sales manager personally to discuss their individual questions or concerns offline. 


Q28. Proprietary information for your company’s online business was released to a competitor. Which of the following preventative measures should your company take to ensure that its proprietary information is protected in the future? 

A. Restrict Internet access 

B. Uninstall any e-mail clients 

C. Monitor employees’messages 

D. Destroy all proprietaryinformation 


Q29. Selena needs to send a message to her manager providing all the details of a business proposal. The idea they have discussed is critical to the business. The project is considered urgent and confidential. Selena wants to get this outline to her manager as quickly as possible. What would be the most appropriate way Selena could use an SMS (text) message in relation to this proposal? 

A. To send a useful summary of the proposal to her manager so that the manager has it available during a presentation 

B. To alert her manager that she has sent the proposal via e-mail so her manager can view the proposal as soon as possible 

C. To provide a detailed outline of the proposal so that her manager can refer to it as he travels 

D. To send the proposal as an attachment to the text message 


Q30. The App-A-Day company offers software applications for various topics. When a customer purchases a desired application from the App-A-Day online store, he is directed to a page where he can download the application directly. When the customer is redirected and begins downloading the application, which specific standard protocol is most likely transferring the application?